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Worth to see

Corpus Christi Basilica

(1500 m from the Mikolaj hotel)

The temple was funded by Kazimierz the Great around 1340. This was the first church made of wood. The construction of a new stone temple began in 1385. The work was entrusted to Czipser family operating in Kazimierz. Mikołaj and Jan completed their work in 1405 when Wladyslaw Jagiello brought regular canons from Kłodzko. The monastery that was later built by the church was for them. The facades were only built around 1500 and the bell tower in 1566-1582. The organ at the Corpus Christi Basilica is the largest instrument in Krakow. It was designed for 83 votes. It consists of two parts:

  • Main organ (63 votes) placed on church choir,
  • Side organ (20 votes) within the presbytery.

The project in such a form was created in cooperation with Prof. Machl, Prof. Chwedczuk and Prof. Jargoń. Tadeusz Machl's composition included polychorality and this is probably where an idea to create a two-piece organ came from.

New Square

(1400 m from the Mikolaj hotel)

The present shape of the square was established in regulatory projects from 1808 and 1844. The north side of the square, drawn along defense walls in Kazimierz district, includes houses that formerly belonged to Jewish hospital at Kupa synagogue.

In the middle of the square there is a rotunda also known by local residents as a roundabout. It is a commercial pavilion built in 1900 consisting of two objects: interior hall and a ring surrounding it with trading points built on a dodecagon. These buildings are separated with an unroofed corridor that serves as an entry to local shops.

Now the New Square serves as a market during the week. There are many cafes and pubs there. It is also a place for new festivals and events. There are also events that are part of Festival of Jewish Culture.

Botanical Garden

(1700 m from the Mikolaj hotel)

Krakow’s botanical garden was created in a place where there used to be Czartoryski family garden. It was purchased by Jesuits in 1752. After the monastery was closed, it was forwarded to the Commission of National Education, which, within the Kraków University founded the botanical garden as a support division for Chemistry and Natural History Departments. The area of the garden was expanded several times. Its current area of approximately 9.6 ha was reached in the fifties of the twentieth century.

Now the Jagiellonian University Botanic Garden has approximately 5000 species and varieties of plants from all over the world, including nearly 1000 trees and shrubs and more than 2000 species and varieties of plants under glass.

The "Jagiellonian Oak" that is approximately 230 years old reigns among the many beautiful and excellent plants.

There is also the possibility of booking a trips to places like the Wieliczka Salt Mine or Auschwitz - Birkenau.

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